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Modern life is now, more than ever, lived in fast cycles. The demands for each individual are higher every day and can only be overcome by tremendous performance.

The constant stress, poor diet, smoking, alcohol and the fast pace of modern life are only some factors affecting the health of every human being.

With the development of our innovative diagnostic products, based on scientific principles and many years of intensive development work, we have succeeded in finding better and more effective solutions for the early detection of essential health disorders such as heart attacks or strokes. This also applies to the early detection of pregnant women in the area of ​​preeclampsia.

In the context of the current pandemic caused by the new coronavirus COVID-19, Diagenics was able to develop all important categories of test systems (antigens, antibodies) in the network and bring them to the German and European market, as well as due to our many years of experience in the field of in-vitro diagnostics Register antigen tests at the Federal Office of Medicine and Pharmacy in order to decisively improve the quick and uncomplicated diagnosis of the virus as part of protection programs for companies and partners.

The early detection in such emergencies is one of the key factors and thus a decisive influence on the life-or-death of the affected people. Gaining time by a fast, reliable diagnosis in the first hour of such a life- threatening emergency is critical and helps in targeted initiation of appropriate measures. This saves lives.

E. Kapetanovic
Best Regards
Ernest Kapetanovic
– Founder & CEO –