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Laboratory test early detection of stroke

The Diastroke ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent Assay) [DS-E2] is a diagnostic device for the specific and early detection of a stroke.
ELISA for the measurement of brain specific ischemia Markers glycogen phosphorylase BB (GPBB) to be reliable Evidence of strokes.
Diastroke® ELISA (laboratory test) quantitatively detects the enzyme GPBB, which is released into the body's circulation after ischemia and the subsequent crossing of the blood/brain barrier. Noticeably increased GPBB values in the patient's blood, which can be measured shortly after the first appearance of typical symptoms, indicate a stroke and can thus contribute to further decisions, for example the need to use expensive, complex imaging (MRI) and targeted treatment methods.
96-well microtiter plates, enzyme immunoassay (sandwich ELISA) with the standard ELISA reader systems is compatible.

Planned in the near future.

Das Diastroke ELISA Labortest System wird von einem ISO-zertifizierten Lohnhersteller hergestellt.


Know your symptoms

The enzyme GPBB enters the bloodstream when cerebral ischemia, i.e. insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, occurs. Such ischemia leads in the long term to necrosis (cell death) of the affected cells and / or ultimately to infarction (stroke). The detection of GPBB in the blood therefore provides information about the potential presence of a stroke and thus makes a decisive contribution to the diagnosis of stroke patients. So far, no biomarker is known in the stroke area that can reliably detect it shortly after the onset of the infarction.

The previous diagnosis is based solely on the interpretation of the symptoms and the use of complex, time-consuming and costly imaging methods (e.g. computed tomography). When diagnosing a stroke, time is a decisive factor for the success of the treatment.

GPBB can be detected at an early stage, namely within the first hour. Especially in the case of a stroke, this is a decisive advantage, as a quick and accurate diagnosis can save lives.


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