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DIAGENICS product line is based on a technology for the early detection of heart attacks, strokes and preeclampsia, and consists of corresponding product lines for direct diagnosis (POCT = Point-of-Care) and for laboratories (ELISA).

These tests support doctors in the relevant cardiology, neurology and gynecology departments in making an early and faster diagnosis in the early stages of these diseases, in preeclampsia in the very important third trimester of pregnancy. The biochemical-diagnostic early detection of emergencies such as heart attacks and strokes is one of the key factors that can make the difference between life and death.

To address this problem, Diagenics has developed and launched its early diagnosis product line based on a rescue enzyme that uses an active biochemical process (the activation of this protective mechanism due to lack of oxygen), in order to provide medical professionals with a quick and targeted diagnosis during critical treatment and to inform about the success of the treatment.

The rapid tests available in these clinical areas are based on the lateral flow principle based on the enzyme GPBB (glycogen phosphorylase BB), which is used as a biomarker. There is currently no other established bio-marker for the detection of stroke and preeclampsia.

For cardiology, the biomarker can detect heart attacks early - immediately after the onset of chest pain - and the result is available after 10-15 minutes. Furthermore, the number of suspected heart attacks (chest pain/Chest Pain Patents) compared to confirmed heart attacks is 3-4 times higher.

Treatments that are too late or unnecessary represent a major financial burden for the healthcare system in all three clinical areas. For these reasons, Diagenics is striving to further establish its products as the new gold standard for diagnosing ACS, stroke and preeclampsia detection.

GPBB is the specific enzyme that can help cells to survive without oxygen by providing energy from glycogen breakdown for several hours and is therefore detectable during ACS, stroke, and preeclampsia.

About the Enzyme Glycogenphosphorylase (GP)

The enzyme GP-BB (heart, brain, placenta) is one of three isoenzymes in the human body.
GP-BB is a specific enzyme that helps cells survive without oxygen for a short time by providing energy from glycogen breakdown. Therefore the biomarker can be used to diagnose ACS, stroke and preeclampsia.

Further product development

Due to the current pandemic, the product portfolio has also been expanded to include COVID-19 diagnostic systems, including the antigen rapid tests, which are important for the early phase of the infection, to provide public institutions and organizations with the necessary tests when they are carried out, companies and important processes help maintain. Therefore, Diagenics works closely with customers in order to be able to offer antigen tests in addition to Covid protection methods (home office, masks, shifted working hours) as part of a well thought-out, integrative overall program for institutions and companies that has been coordinated with the authorities.

The motivation in the research area of ​​Diagenics is based on a sustainable and constant further development of all products, as well as close and global cooperation with customers and partners.