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The right reader for the quick test

The Diacordon® Reader [DC-C1] completes the Diacordon® product line for early and specific ACS diagnosis by enabling the semi quantitative evaluation of the POCT.

The Diacordon® Reader is a very small, light and flexible device. Easy to use, it is the ideal solution for an ambulance, doctor's office or hospital. The POCT used is inserted into the reader and analyzed by the integrated software within a minute. The GPBB concentration in the patient's blood is determined semi-quantitatively using the test line. The result is available immediately and is displayed graphically.
Planned in the near future.

The CE-certified manufacturer of the Diacordon® Reader is Chembio GmbH, Germany.


Know your heart

The POCT readers are reading devices for evaluating the DIACORDON® POCT (Point-of-Care rapid test). They enable a quantitative analysis of the GPBB concentration in the test substance in 15 minutes. After the sample has been applied to the test, the respective test strip is inserted into the device holder of the reader. A built-in digital camera captures an image of the test strip.

Now a software that is also integrated analyzes the image and perceives the abnormalities on the test strip. The intensity of these abnormalities as well as the control elements on the test strip are assessed and the results are displayed transparently in a graph on the display of the GeREADER O.


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