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Early detection of COVID-19

All organizations and companies have adapted to the pandemic and have already taken important steps to reduce the likelihood of being infected with COVID-19 on the team. To protect against infections within the team as well as customers and business partners, masks, distance, changing home workplaces and other measures have been established.

New opportunities

As part of the initiative of the Federal Government and the Federal Ministry of Health, the previous COVID-19 strategy has been supplemented by the important component of rapid antigen tests since mid-October. "With rapid antigen tests we are improving the protection of people in nursing homes and hospitals," said Health Minister Spahn when announcing the new strategy. A corresponding test ordinance came into force in mid-October.

In this context, the company Diagenics Group SE reacted quickly and is currently launching two corresponding antigen rapid tests on the market, with sales starting immediately in Germany and Europe.

Both new antigen tests are now approved for the German and European market, registered on the list of Covid antigen tests of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) in Bonn.

The Diagenics DIA-COVID Antigen/Flu A+B combination test also works with a simple nasal swab and supplements the COVID diagnostic options, since only one measurement is sufficient to differentiate between flu viruses and COVID-19.

Another antibody test is also available as a DIA-COVID antibody IgM/IgG rapid test throughout Europe and is a useful addition to COVID-19 measurements, as it shows the beginning and further antibody formation in later phases of the infection, this test is based on the removal of a drop of blood and shows the so-called IgM/IgG (early/late antibodies that are formed in the patient's blood against the virus) can differentiate.

The DIA-COVID rapid tests are each based on the lateral flow principle. The test provides the result in just 10-15 minutes without the need for additional diagnostic tools.

The new rapid antigen tests are critical to slowing down the spread of the coronavirus, and in many cases preventing it, as they provide information at a point in the infection cycle when the risk of the disease spreading is greatest.

Diagenics already has a new line of products for diagnosing
developed for COVID-19: DIA-COVID. The product was developed and registered in the wake of the pandemic to help people fight the virus. Future studies will be ours Expertise in diagnosing COVID-19 expansion.


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