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DIASTROKE® is a blood test for the early detection of a cerebral infarction. It works on an enzyme basis and can detect Glycogen-Phosphorylase Isoenzyme BB (GPBB) via antibodies owned by Diagenics. The enzyme GPBB enters the bloodstream as soon as an ischemic stroke occurs. In the long run, such an insufficient oxygen supply leads to a necrosis (death) of the affected cells and thereby to a cerebral infarction. Moreover, the detection of GPBB in the blood provides information about the progress of the stroke.

That way it contributes decisively to the early diagnosis of cerebral infarction patients. GPBB is not only brain and heart specific but also early detectable, i.e. within the first hour. For the case of an ischemic stroke this is a vital advantage, since a quick and exact diagnosis can.


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