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The enzyme GPBB enters the bloodstream as soon as an ischemic event occurs that is related to the heart, the brain or the placenta. In pregnant women a generally elevated level of GPBB can be found in the blood, since their body needs more oxygen than before. However, if a pregnant woman is suffering from preeclampsia, the GPBB level in her blood is even higher - significantly - than in the blood of a healthy pregnant woman. Preeclampsia is a very common complication of pregnancy, characterized by hypertension and proteinuria, which can lead to death if not treated properly.

Therefore the detection of elevated GPBB levels in the blood of pregnant women can indicate a preeclampsia and ensure that proper treatment can be started early enough. Furthermore the patient can be monitored for the rest of the pregnancy so no further complications occur.

The DIANEONATAL® ELISA quantitatively detects GPBB which is released by ischemic placental cells into the bloodstream. Thus, significantly elevated GPBB values shortly after the first occurrence of typical symptoms indicate an existing preeclampsia.

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